Tamara Donalli

Tamara Donalli is the second generation of Donalli Genève, a fine jewellery and watchmaking company based in Switzerland with its main portfolio composed of artistic jewellery and watch pieces reflecting genuine craftsmanship.

For almost 10 years, Tamara Donalli has experienced different cultures and specifically focused her attention in the luxury markets around the world. Before working at Christian Dior and BVLGARI, Tamara completed her studies in London and completed her MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Shanghai, Florence and Paris.

With her unique experience and vast spectrum of inspiration, Donalli Genève has decided to team-up with Tamara to present a collection of trend-setting contemporary jewellery whose aesthetics are designed to influence the fashion industry. Tamara Donalli’s creations are renowned predominantly for their outstanding quality. Most pieces are unique, and often specifically made to order. A combination of precious stones, 18-karat gold and innovative savoir-faire characterizes her collections and ensures a truly distinctive level of comfort.