Tamara Donalli

Tamara Donalli is the second gene­ra­tion of Donalli Genève, a fine jewel­lery and watchma­king com­pany based in Swit­z­er­land with its main port­fo­lio com­po­sed of arti­s­tic jewel­lery and watch pie­ces reflec­ting genuine crafts­manship.

For almost 10 years, Tamara Donalli has expe­ri­en­ced dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res and spe­ci­fi­cally focu­sed her atten­tion in the luxury mar­kets around the world. Before working at Chris­tian Dior and BVLGARI, Tamara com­ple­ted her stu­dies in Lon­don and com­ple­ted her MBA in Luxury Brand Manage­ment in Shang­hai, Flo­rence and Paris.

With her uni­que expe­ri­ence and vast spec­trum of inspi­ra­tion, Donalli Genève has deci­ded to team-up with Tamara to pre­sent a collec­tion of trend-set­ting con­tem­porary jewel­lery whose aes­t­he­tics are desi­gned to influ­ence the fashion indus­try. Tamara Donalli’s crea­ti­ons are renow­ned pre­do­mi­nantly for their out­stan­ding qua­lity. Most pie­ces are uni­que, and often spe­ci­fi­cally made to order. A com­bi­na­tion of pre­cious sto­nes, 18-karat gold and inno­va­tive savoir-faire cha­rac­te­ri­zes her collec­tions and ensu­res a truly dis­tinc­tive level of com­fort.